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Letter of Mohammad Ali Taheri to Ahmed Shaheed

Publicity Team July 23, 2014

The letter was initially sent to Mrs. Shahnaz Niroomanesh who is the trusted student of Mr. Taheri, and the president of Interuniversalism Inc. This letter was sent as an attachment to a covering letter addressed to Mrs. Niroomanesh which authorized Mrs. Niroomanesh  to translate, prepare, and publicize the following letter to UN special rapporteur.

The letter was prepared, Translated, and delivered by Interuniversalism Inc (non-profit) in California, USA, on  April 25, 2014, based on the handwriting letter of Mohammad Ali Taheri.The Original copy is in Persian Language.

View the PDF version of the letter from here :

Download the letter PDF (Translated version 1.3 Correction 5/25/2015)

Download the letter PDF (Translated version 1.2 – Correction were made on 09/12/14)

Download the letter PDF (Translation version 1.1)

This letter was delivered to Ahmed Saheed with a Covering letter from Mrs. Shahnaz Niroomanesh, The president of Interuniversalism Inc.

View the PDF version of the Covering letter from here : Download the covering letter PDF

 Traslation version 1.2


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In the name of God


Dear Honourable Mr. Ahmed Shaheed,
the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran,

I, Mohammad Ali Taheri born in 1956, founder of Erfan Halgheh (Interuniversalism), Faraadarmaani and Psymentology, was accused of taking action against national security, And was arrested in 2010 by Intelligence Services of Iranian Reveloutionary Gaurds (Sepah) and  was kept in solitary confinement for 67 days in Evin prison cell block 2 A ( special detention of Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Intelligence Services) and again was arrested and transferred to the same solitary confinement in the spring of year 2011 by False charges of acting against national security, apostasy, combatant against God and his messenger, Blasphemy, spreading corruption in the land, and insulting the prophet. during the interrogation, the following violations and criminal activities were taken place against me by the fifth division of Evin Court (Mr. Asadi) and six other interrogators which are presented for any review and action (I am also ready to testify in person).

1) Psychological torture and pressure by investigator and interrogators through presenting fake execution sentence from fifteen marja, with the allegations that my books, articles, magazines, and the CDs of my classes were sent to them and after necessary reviewing they issued the judgment of apostasy and so on… and unanimously they all issued an execution sentence for me, and without any implementation of further formalities the sentence must be implemented immediately. Therefore they instructed me to be ready for execution every day, even one of them mentioned that: “with an impossible assumption, if you were released from here, you will be assassinated before reaching home, because there are a lot of Muslims that as soon as an order was declared from marja, they are ready to execute it”. Finally, 9 months after the second arrest and after 2 hunger strike, in order to attempt an immediate examination of these charges and determining the reasons of such mentioned charges, by marja, I was sent out to a closed court and I found out through my lawyer that all the allegations were fake, and the interrogator requested judgment from marja by presenting them with 6 irrelevant hypothesis, and they also issued a judgment based on those hypothesis that were not true about me and overall there were no execution orders issued for me but they fabricated all these hoax and psychological torture ,to force me into accepting the charges, especially apostasy, they told me, after accepting the charges and by repenting from sin they will pardon me and I’ll be let free.

2)  Proposed to accept and acknowledge the connection to United States of America to escape from execution; that if I accept this offer they would abolished the death penalty and instead they would sentence me with 8 years of imprisonment as the punishment for my relationship with the United States and by this trick they can damage the reputation of Interuniversalism (Erfan-e-Halgheh in persian) and claim that Interuniversalism was created by the United States of America

3) Threatening to harm my wife and consequently orphaning my children; following the unsuccessful attempts of interrogators in acquiring confessions in apostasy and etc. from me (paragraph 1) and the proposal (paragraph 2), one of interrogators threatened me that in In the absence of my cooperation (presentation of false dictated confessions) they have people that could harm my wife and etc., which consequently After extreme psychological pressure following that threat and (fake) execution sentence and refusing to false confession, and in order to save my family and refusing to false submission it lead me to commit suicide for 4 times to neutralize these satanic tricks.

4) Abusing the power of honourable marja; towards psychological torture and implementing security plans.

5) On one hand Exerting psychological pressure and on the other hand presenting fake and conditional freedom promises and dictated interviews ;

[Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Signature]               [End of Page One based on the original letter]

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After a few months of detention in solitary confinement and 4 times of attempted suicide, and 2 times hunger strike and extreme worrisome for my family’s safety (and after lack of success for interrogators of plotting a fabricated scenario) I faced a freedom offer by the interrogator with the condition of a coercive interview, from one side and forces of interrogators from another side, I agreed the interrogators interview offer because I want to finish this whole thing, so whatever the interrogator was writing on paper would hold it in front of me and I would read it and two other interrogators were filming me, for example I said I agree that my activities were illegal and so on… . Only despite the repeated force of them to get me to admit apostasy and so on, I did not accept and I did not admit. After the interview not only they did not own up to their promises, I found out later that by broadcasting that through major Iranian networks (such as 20:30 news, channel two) introducing me as scoundrel and deceitful, they were trying to find private complaints and also they used this film as confession against myself and the added it to my file to further use it in my indictment.

6) Leaving some of the places of questions by interrogator, blank;

With this syntax that the question was written on a piece a wasted paper and they wanted me to write the answer on the original interrogation letter and they told me they were going to fill up the blanks later.

7) Making me defenceless through different methods:

A-by preventing to be in touch, face-to-face or by phone with my lawyers so that I could not talk to them about my defence hearing even though I had two lawyers I never got to meet them.

B-threatening the lawyer

C-not permitting to write the defence statement in prison, in this case I asked the judge and he also asked one of the interrogators and he also refused to let me prepare the defense statement in my cell

D-lack of availability of pen and paper

E-not allowing answering to the coercive published books against me that was presented to court as document.

F-preventing exposure of my books articles and CDs of my lectures to court to create ambiguity to my allegations

8) Creating an offering coercive and false books against me (apparently to criticize my books and articles) in order to show to marja to collect apostasy judgment and etc. to offer to court as documents without giving me a chance to answer and defend myself

9) Efforts of creating family problems and dissension and creating doubts in my wife’s mind and using these dirty tricks and forcing me to admit that I have another wife and creating hoax and etc. and during my home inspection they had asked my wife if she is my first or second wife? Of course they use these tricks to create problems between all the prisoners and their families

10) Creating and submitting coercive and false claims by government institutions, ministries and affiliated organizations and ministries to the court

11) False advertisement and accusations through different media

12) Implementing psychological force along with threats to obtain dictated submission letter from people who are in relation and in touch with me; that I was personally witnessing a strong kick to my thigh and chair they threatened to beat while cursing and screaming at me and other accused, that “if you don’t write what we ask you will never leave this prison”, and also false testimonies or complaints against me for their own freedom.

13) Inquisition while interrogation and questioning in court, banning studies of Koran and other religious books in prison.

[Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Signature]

[End of Page Two based on the original letter]

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14) Issuing a general and vague receipt for detaining my personal documents, like “several bags of them”.

15) Forcefully accusing of illegitimate relations to obtain admission (is implemented on everybody without exception).

16) Forcing my wife to a coercive interview

17) Burning my books magazines articles by interrogators without any court order.

18) Confiscation of a ring collection, documents, albums and some personal items without court order

19) Content, insults, curses, disrespect and threatening to beat.

20) Preventing my family to visit for one year after my temporary arrest.

21) Accusation of breaching national security by charges such as apostasy, insult to Saints, combatant against God, subversive on the earth, insulting the prophet, as a legal excuse for me and other freethinkers and reputable people are being detained with all these false accusations in coercive courts behind closed doors and I was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and I have to do this time in cell block (2A), not in general cell block. Also by false accusations of me of being head of a Colt and creating a “pyramid scam” organization of Erfan Halgheh (Keyhani), a peaceful system was under attack by these false accusations and peaceful fans of this organization were arrested and abused under pressure by different allegations

22) Creating false accusations without any reason or proof, to keep my file open, so they can keep arresting anybody, related to me, with such accusations of being a member of organization of Iranian people’s Fedaii Guerillas and subversive on the earth. The other reason of this trick is to prevent anybody who wants to file a complaint of their illegal activities and injustice and cruel behaviour so they can arrest them again and start the file and keep them in jail.

23) Putting effort of creating fake personal complains to turn public opinion

24) Threatening to show private films of people involved in Erfan Halgheh (that was done secretly by interrogators) linked to me on the Internet unless I cooperate. That most likely was a bluff because they haven’t shown me anything.

25) Misusing my private family album by showing unveiled pictures of my wife and daughter on the Internet and also a cut of a couple seconds film of my cultural institution, (that I’ve held a ladies’ wrist because she couldn’t balance herself in front of almost 400 people) and also court has sentenced me of 74 whiplashes because I touched a non-intimate lady

26) Collecting all my diplomas from school, work, Military and art/cultural institution and keeping it from the court in order to illegalize my organization activities, rejection my school diplomas and lack of access to these documents to prove my allegations, wrong, in court.

27) Being kept in solitary confinement cell block 2A & preventing me to join general cell block

28) Implementing security sanctions in order to prevent any defensive article publications in the media

[Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Signature]

[End of Page Three based on the original letter]

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29) Prevention of complaints about interrogators violations to related courts despite several hunger strikes.

30) Considering hunger strike a crime and disconnecting contacts with family in prison or by phone and threatening to persecute all open files (Paragraph 22) and transferring to solitary confinement (from a cell of two people) when I was on hunger strike (I went on hunger strike more than 7 times during my imprisonment)

31) Lac k of judge’s attention to my complaints about violations of interrogations and questioning at the beginning of primary court

32) Stealing from my cultural institution office while it was sealed by interrogators.

33) Interrogators assessment based on the idea that the judge votes to their favor and that the review court also would confirm


[Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Signature]


Reports of some other violations about cellmates (after solitary confinement and in rooms of two people):

1) Using private homes and places for interrogations, evidently there are several places in different areas being used for informal interrogations

2) Beating people (several reports were made) cursing and insulting (in detention and private homes were reported)

3) Obtaining false forceful and dictated confessions (in detention and private homes)

4) Obtaining handwriting and signature by force based on lack of bail after each temporary arrest of some accused

5) Threatening accused to harm and arrest family members

6) Taking first-degree family members as hostage to capture people specially for accused living abroad (two cases were reported)

7) Using charges without reasons in order to keep files open

8) Forcing false admissions against others (especially reputable people)

9) Accusing people of having illegitimate relations unless some elder accused, (majorly false).

10) Efforts to create family problems by giving false personal information to their spouses and family in order to keep the accused in isolation and preventing their families to follow up about their condition

11) Freedom of interrogators of time limitations in detention 2A

12) Arresting people without proper court order or evidence and profiling false evidence according to prefabricated scenarios before arrest by different methods.

13) Not permitting lawyers to meet with accused throughout the interrogation and preparing defence scenario, and presence of lawyers only as formality

14) Lack of independence of judges and in determining the situation of accused and interference of the interrogators throughout all proceedings

15) Refusal of the remittance of the complaints of accused about interrogations, court to higher courts

16) Character assassinations and stigmatization of people and the fact that all the accused are guilty unless proven otherwise.


Copy to:

Head of the Judicial Department of Islamic Republic of Iran, Human Rights Office of Judicial Department

Islamic Republic of Iran, House of Leadership of Islamic Republic of Iran, Security Agency of Judicial

Department of Islamic Republic of Iran, Honourable Marja of Islamic Republic of Iran, Presidential Office of Islamic Republic of Iran, Chairman of the Parliament of Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Ali Motahhari (Parliament Representative) of Islamic Republic of Iran, Human Right Office of European Union


[Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Signature]

[End of Page Four based on the original letter]