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Campaign Statement on December 16, 2014

Publicity Team December 16, 2014

Master Taheri is on a hunger strike for the eleventh times to protest his latest charge corruption on earth (Mofse-de Fel-Arz), and apostasy (Ertedad); and the violations of human rights against him since October 26, 2014.

 The Iranian government had decided to certainly execute him as they have convicted him of apostasy based on three Ayatollahs (including Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi) Islamic orders (Fatwas).

 Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri was shown his apostasy order in prison, and he protested against the apostasy order by going on a hunger strike. He went in a state of coma due to his hunger strike around November 15th, 2014. He was transferred to a hospital for medical treatments. Before he completely recovered, he was forced and transferred back into his solitary confinement prison cell.

 As the authorities, did not care about his demands of closing his open cases of apostasy and corruption on earth, and they even attempted to force him sign illegitimate obligations, he denied and therefore continued his hunger strike. As a result of his long term hunger strike, he had a heart attack around December 11th, 2014 and was transferred to a hospital. He is not allowed to have any visitors, and is completely isolated.

 Mr. Taheri is in a very critical situation to this moment. Although he is suffering from the heart attack and physical weakness, he is being threatened to execution by his investigators and interrogators.

 Dr. Taheri needs the immediate attention from international society to condemn Iranian government to release him. Since the Iranian government negotiation with western powers over their nuclear program and human rights in Iran to ease the economical sanctions, the international attention to Taheri’s situation will be very effective on his release from prison. We strongly believe that his teachings of peace and love can raise the universal awareness.

 International public relations of international campaign for freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri

 December 16, 2014