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Campaign Statement on February, 24, 2015

Publicity Team February 25, 2015

The joint statement of “The Largest Human Rights Campaign” and “International Campaign for freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri” has been signed by over twenty political prisoners and prisoners of consciences. In this statement International Campaign for freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri independently indicates, its views about the current situation of Mohammad Ali Taheri.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri is a prisoner of conscience in Iran. He is a genius innovator, the founder of Interuniversalism “Erfan Halgheh”, and the two complementary and alternative medicines; Faradarmani and Psymentology. He has been in solitary confinement since May 2011 in Tehran-Iran, as he was accused of apostasy, battle against God, and insult of prophet. On April, 2014 Mohammad Ali Taheri wrote a letter inside the prison which was initially sent to Mrs. Shahnaz Niroomanesh the director of campaign.  The letter was addressed to the United Nation special rapporteur about the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran which raised many concerns among human rights activists.

International Campaign for Freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri declares that the purpose of human rights carnival on Tuesday, February 24 in Washington DC, and demonstration of students and supporters of professor Taheri on Wednesday, February 25 in Tehran are specifically to see Mr. Taheri to ensure about his existence and health condition with the central slogan of “Where is Mohammad Ali Taheri?”.

Again in recent days, the release of shocking news about the health condition of Mohammad Ali Taheri had been created an atmosphere of uncertainty, doubt, and we’re witnessing vague, contradictory and incorrect news release.

Unfortunately, like all the years of his imprisonment, the release of the incorrect news by the government, the family and the state attorney had been supported by the security forces, and few deceitful intrusive individuals with the intended purpose to support the treason,  and distortion of  news about the critical situation of Mohammad Ali Taheri by introducing  illegitimate important news in the media and some human rights activities about him and the campaign to create a barrier to prevent delivering master Taheri’s  innocence voice to the world.

  1. International Campaign for Freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri invites all the loyal and true followers of innocent professor Taheri to join the above events, and encourage the participants to act against the plot, and use all available capacities and sources to pursue legitimate claims of Interuniversalism community. The campaign declares that all news which had been published in regards to routine meeting with Mohammad Ali Taheri about his ordinary trial in recent weeks has been an absolute lie to divert the public opinion.

  2. The campaign believes that as long as professor Taheri has not been meet with an impartial internal and external individuals except the state attorney, family and close friends, or be present and have dialogue among the demonstrators on February 25 in courthouse in Tehran which is claimed by the sources as his trial date, or has not been issued a temporary statutory release from prison such as on March, 2013 prove that published news are incorrect. If he is not being face to face with his students this indicates that the published news about his overall health condition and health-related hunger strike are incorrect.

  3. The campaign strongly supports any demonstration and activities which is based on the fundamental dogma and slogan of “Where’s Mohammad  Ali Taheri?” which demand direct public meeting with him.  The campaign considers any general slogan about professor Taheri such as desperate request for a fair hearing, or forgiveness of those who knowingly caused all the injustice and misery to professor Taheri over the years, as well as, any silence demonstration without requesting any demands as predetermined objectives to serve the purpose of the illegitimate creation of governmental (fake) Erfan Halgheh.

International Campaign for Freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri

February, 24, 2015