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Secret communication between Mohammad Ali Taheri and Shahnaz Niroomanesh from prison + Document

Publicity Team August 30, 2015

Halgheh News English – New documents have been published that reveal a secret series of communication between the founder of Interuniversalism, Mohammad Ali Taheri, and Shahnaz Niroomanesh, one of his trusted students who migrated from Iran in response to Mr. Taheri’s request shortly before his arrest. These documents, some in written formats, were sent out of section A-2 of Evin Prison by Mr. Taheri during his stay at this notorious prison which started in May 4th, 2011.

Shahnaz Niroomanesh, director and spokesperson for International Campaign to Support Mohammad Ali Taheri, revealed one of these documents during an online conference on August 29th, 2015. Ms. Niroomanesh’s topics of her presentation were discussing the “Bad Influences of Iranian regime on Interuniversalism,” run by the government in Iran, and “The Anatomy of Conspiracy by Security Forces,” to shed light on efforts being made to distort the teachings of Mr. Taheri and forge the history of his moral movement.

Copy of one of Mr. Taheri’s handwritten letters to Ms. Niroomanesh that was secretly sent out of Evin Prison         Copy of one of Mr. Taheri’s handwritten letters to Ms. Niroomanesh that was secretly sent out of  Evin Prison.                                               For safety and security reasons part of the document were not shown.

This letter, which is clearly addressed to Ms. Niroomanesh, is an attachment to Mr. Taheri’s previously released handwritten letter addressed to Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nation’s special envoy who reports on human rights issues in Iran. In this letter, published a year ago, Mr. Taheri gives authority and instructions to Ms. Niroomanesh as to how to pursue his case. He requests help so that he could bring attention to the violations of human rights committed by the agents  of “The Intelligence Forces” operating in Iranian prisons.

The documents, written in small letters on a piece of paper, is part of a package that Mr. Taheri in spring of 2014  sent to Ms. Niroomanesh in United States, while Mr. Taheri’s attorneys and family members in Iran & Canada were unaware of his intentions and actions. Mr. Taheri in one sentence in this document clearly communicates that he “will be waiting to receive the results of the efforts,” and in another by saying, “as soon as I inform you,” he indicates further future communications with Ms. Niroomanesh.

Meanwhile, there are contradictory reports that echo the statements made by spokespersons of Information and Security Organization of Islamic Republic. They have been adamant in claiming that the efforts of the director of International Campaign to Support Mohammad Ali Taheri had not been towards Mr. Taheri’s support in past few year. They also go on to validate their claim by indicating that Mr. Taheri does not approve of the campaign’s activities. In recent weeks related statements made by Mr. Taheri’s attorneys and one of his family members have been published. But, the letter presented by Ms. Niroomanesh clearly shows that the founder of Erfan Halgheh had been aware of the activities of the campaign and through secured channels had even issued specific directives and guidance to the director of this organization.

According to Ms. Niroomanesh the teachings of Interuniversalism has penetrated in the highest layers of government in Iran and there are a number of authorities who believe in authenticity and truth of Mr. Taheri’s teachings.  But, despite of strong and brutal pressures and oppositions by others, which prevents them from publicly supporting Mr. Taheri, they continue to express their respect towards the founder Interuniversalism and its moral teachings. This is also true about a number of people who have come in contact with Mr. Taheri during his four-year stay in Evin prison.

Prior to these reports Shahnaz Niroomanesh, the director of International Campaign to Support Mohammad Ali Taheri has said that she has documents and evidences that will prove Mr. Taheri in the winter of 2014 in an undisclosed location outside Evin prison has died during a lengthy hunger strike and under ongoing torture. She is confident in saying that after his death the security forces have written a scenario to be played out in public and conceal the obvious crime they have committed. In their scheme they also aim at diverting the public opinion, especially the followers of Interuniversalism and international human rights organizations, by staging phony court hearings and fake trials for Mr. Taheri’s case. They hope to deceive people in believing that Mr. Taheri is alive through unverified quotes issued by the court appointed attorneys and relatives who are under pressure and forced to publish false statements and reports. The scheme goes farther to divert the public opinion of Mr. Taheri’s followers and students, the activities of human rights groups, and the efforts of supporters of Mr. Taheri, inside and outside Iran, towards their own agenda and benefits. (Read the Daily Telegraph report about Mr. Taheri’s death here.)

During the online conference on august 29th  Ms. Niroomanesh reviewed some of the events that have taken place since the foundation of Interuniversalism. She presented documents, evidence, and arguments along with a description of the activities of those who had infiltrated into this organization from the early days of its launch in order to limit and influence the efforts of its founder. At the end Ms. Niroomanesh pointed out major contradictions in some of the reports and documents that after the announcement of reviewing the case of Corruption on Earth against Mr. Taheri have been published.  She also commented and reviewed the efforts of the government to show that events regarding Mr. Taheri’s case are taking a normal and routine course.