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First Martyrdom Anniversary of Mohammad Ali Taheri in UCLA

admin January 19, 2016

The memorial and first martyrdom anniversary of Master Mohammad Ali Taheri was held by his students in United States at University of California, Los Angeles.

Halgheh News- The Tribute to honor Master Mohammad Ali Taheri, which was organized by Interuniversalism, a non-profit organization, and The International Taheri Campaign, took place on Sunday January 17, 2016. The students of Mr. Taheri had travelled from different cities in California, as well as other states to join those who reside in Los Angeles at this event.

On January 24, 2016 Interuniversalism continued its tribute by conducting an online gathering that attracted hundreds of followers from around the world.

Mohammad Ali Taheri is a scientific/spiritual mentor. The founder of Interuniversalism and two complementary medicines Faradarmani and Psymentology. Interuniversalism which is based on the principal of “Holistic View” is a new way of thinking that has roots in ancient Iranian culture and spirituality. Although this spiritual outlook is only two decades old, but it has attracted thousands of followers around the world due to its broad spiritual and scientific dimensions.

Shahnaz Niroomanesh at a Conference in UCLA to honor the first martyrdom anniversary of Mohammad Ali Taheri

According to Halgheh News; Shahnaz Niroomanesh, the spokesperson International Taheri Campaign and the president of Interuniversalism, reviewed the history of Interuniversalism at these events. She also discussed Mr. Taheri’s story and recounted important turning points and events surrounding his arrest and four years of imprisonment. Also she pointed out the most important events such as Mr. Taheri’s 12 hunger strikes, written letter to Mr. Ahmed Shaheed regarding the violations of human rights in Iran, events related to Mr. Taheri’s death, and the role of the Iranian government to conceal his death.

At these gatherings Shahnaz Niroomanesh said, “Five years ago Mr. Taheri was framed by the government and accused of false crimes and spent 4 years in most horrible conditions in section 2-A at Evin prison. The pressures of the Iranian government to get him to denounce his beliefs did not work, and finally he lost his life in the winter of 2015. At the time he was protesting the conviction of blasphemy and the inhumane behavior of the security forces by staging a hunger strike while enduring torture. Since then the government of Iran has been hiding the news of his death, and spreading false news about his condition such as his denunciation of his teachings and the cancellation of his death sentence based on the saying of his attorney and some relatives.”

Shahnaz Niroomanesh at a Conference in UCLA to honor the first martyrdom anniversary of Mohammad Ali Taheri

The first anniversary of Mohammad Ali Taheri’s martyrdom and events regarding the protection of his Interuniversal teachings took place in several cities around the world. His students and followers staged demonstrations in recent weeks in Los Angeles, London, Brussels, Chicago, Sydney, Stockholm, Istanbul, Essen, Washington D.C., Vancouver, Berlin, Trondheim, Malmo, and Oslo.

The International Taheri Campaign will soon broadcast the audio/visual reports of the two events in California.