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Shahnaz Niroomanesh Statement about Master Taheri’s daughter ceremonial marriage

admin July 18, 2016

Friends and Companions,

Yesterday, I became aware of the news about the marriage ceremony of Master Taheri’s daughter at an agency in an undisclosed location, and Master Taheri’s presence (based on several pictures) at the services.

While I wish joy, good health, and happiness for this young couple, my heartfelt desire is to feel that the news about Master Taheri being alive is accurate so that I would also be able to express my delight.


I would like to bring attention to few highlights:

*As it has been previously repeated many times:

– Any picture, sound, film, hearsay, or handwriting attributed to Master Taheri after the publication of the news of his martyrdom is completely invalid and not a proof of him being alive! Because there are possibilities of fabrication and manipulation in all the above mentioned materials.

– Master Taheri in his letter to the International community in 2014 has pointed out that his family is under the extreme pressure of the security forces and the attorneys are not independent. Because of the government’s pressures we have witnessed the transfer of untrue and contradictory news by them.

– The only acceptable way to prove Master Taheri is alive is his presence at public gathering of his students so that he could speak with his students and they could hear his voice without intermediates (like the Norooz of ’92). And, as I told his wife during a conversation last year, considering the possibility of his likeness attending the meeting, fingerprinting and a DNA test by an impartial and just international committee could only verify or deny the identity.

– In the past 18 months that I have announced the news of Master Taheri’s martyrdom, individuals related to The Master and their associates have contacted me many times and attempted to convince me that he is alive. To test their claim, I have asked his wife, who claims to visit the Master every Wednesday, answer three questions that only myself and The Master are aware of the topics and no one else knows about them. But, after so many months, no acceptable answers have been presented.

– Despite extreme pressures imposed in the past two years by the security forces, government entities, his family, and Master Taheri’s attorneys, with the help of those dears who remain on our side, through seeking the International community’s help we insist on seeing Master Taheri to test the truth of the claims. On our way, we hope for the divine mercy and the help of those who wish for clarity and truth.

**All the above points next to:

– Why is there a specific subject clearly mentioned in most of the pictures and images that cannot be overlooked? What are the future objectives of this game?
– There are small details in the pictures of The Master that would not go unnoticed by those with sharp eyes….!
– Some individuals in the virtual media have claimed that they were present during the ceremonies and report that the conditions were strictly secured and no one was allowed to take videos and pictures. The facts that there are no personal photos, all the pictures have been published through specific channels, and that the sites that reported the news were established in recent days are notable and leave one to wonder.

***And finally:

– I request that in confronting these issues all dear friends do not deviate from the moderate path because all these events are tools for our maturity. Know that staying on the path of truth requires patience and majority of oppositions are due to unawareness, not prejudice. I beg you if you think that you are right, and even when you know that the other person is a mercenary, not unaware, have a humane approach in your confrontations, defend righteousness, do not stay quiet, and avoid any disrespect. Even if someone disrespect me or you, do not forget that we strive for truth and humanity and not for ego, and based on Master Taheri’s doctrine the goal does not justify the means.

Thanks to all you loved ones

I hope for us to achieve an independent intelligence and distinguish between the right and the wrong.

Have the power of humility to surrounder the truth and accept the truth

And hope for the advancement of collective intelligence for the rescue of the collective humanity

Hope for the truth,

Shahnaz Niroomanesh

July 16th 2016