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Shahnaz Niroomanesh Reaction to Mohammad Ali Taheri’s ex-wife, “If Taheri is dead, show him”

admin October 19, 2016

Ziba Mohammadian, Mohammad Ali Taheri’s ex-wife who had previously requested divorce from him, in her first positioning five years after his arrest, appeared in front of Bagheeh Allah Hospital and requested to visit Mohammad Ali Taheri. However, Mohammad Ali Taheri was martyred in a location outside Evin Prison under tortured, while on hunger strike, in January 2015. 

After the news of Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of Interuniversalism, being in coma, as published by some sites aligned with the regime in Iran, Ziba Mohammadian requested to visit her ex-husband. In a video that was recorded in front of the Bagheeh Allah Hospital she could be seen and heard saying, “If [Taheri] has died, show him.” 

Ziba Mohammadian, who had maintained her silence since the beginning of his first arrest, and had only provided state approved news, had promised to increase her cooperation under the pressure of the regime when she was arrested for few days in the summer of 2014. Her request to visit her ex-husband comes at a time where published news confirm that one year and nine months prior to her demand Mohammad Ali Taheri was martyred under torture to get him to deny the validity of his teachings. After his passing under torture and while on hunger strike, Shahnaz Niroomanesh, a student of Master Taheri and the director of Interuniversalism in Unites States, as well as the spokesperson for The Taheri Campaign, had announced his martyrdom in different media, including in an interview with Daily Telegram.  The Iranian Government Agents, who at the time were trying to conceal the news about his death, recruited family members, some of his students, and state attorneys in order to better organize their scheme.

It seems that the aim of this last scene and the entrance of Ziba Mohammadian on to the stage, 65 months after the beginning of the arrest of her husband, while in silence and cooperation  with the authorities, is to prepare the stage for the upcoming plots and scenes taken from the government’s script. A play in which creating acceptance of the wife in the public’s mind she could become a source of more fabricated news by the security forces. News that will attempt to distort the teachings of Erfan Halgheh “Interuniversalism”. 

Taheri Campaign

In response to the publication of this new event Shahnaz Niroomanesh published the following text in her Facebook page: 

Dear friends and companions, 

After 21 months since the announcement of the martyrdom of my innocent master, Mohammad Ali Taheri, and the continuation of the games played by the regime to conceal his death, and the attempts to organize the direction of Erfan Halgheh through the Intelligence forces, his attorneys, his wife, and some other members of his family have not gone unnoticed from the attention of those with keen eyes and the game these days has entered a new phase. 

In this chapter of the scenario, the regime, after 2 years of passing false news about the case of Mohammad Ali Taheri, such as his appearance in court and the wedding of his daughter, and……., with the evidences of few minutes of fabricated footage and pictures, as well as contradictory statements made by attorneys and family members, their broad publications with the help of moderates and lobbies by the media hoax and some human rights activities outside the country, decides to enter the scenario in to a new phase. In the phase the attorney in continuation of previous lies claims that Master Taheri remains on hunger strike and that he has secured orders to stop his prosecution. Ziba Mohammadian, Master Taheri’s ex-wife, after 6 years of absence enters the scene.  

The same spouse who had acted as a barrier and stood against him through those years, and after his second arrest, particularly after I published the Master’s letter that was addressed to the human rights community, under the pressure of the regime, as an accomplice of security forces and on the side of Mahmood Alizadeh Tabatabaee, has been the agent to transport false news about the Master’s conditions. As I have repeatedly said if she had not cooperated with the enemies of my innocent Master the Iranian regime would have never dared to shed his blood, and afterwards not only to be able to obtain the ability to conceal this great injustice, but to also wash the hands of the executive and  judiciary officials, as well as the supreme leader, from this shameful stain. 

A spouse who some time prior to the martyrdom of the Master had requested separation from him and the Master had agreed, changed her mind, after being advised by the security forces, so that she would be able today and in future to play her part more effectively in the scenario written by the regime and the Master’s murderers.  

Watch and listen to her published video.

Certainly, under these circumstances where the invalid has more clearly risen against justice, the Devine Links, Vibrational Comprehension, and intellectual reasoning would come to help friends find out the truth. 

We will all together anticipate the continuation of this play, because the Master had always said, “We will wait until Dajjal enters the scene first.” 

Shahnaz Niroomanesh

October 19, 2016