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admin March 30, 2016

International Campaign to Support Mohammad Ali Taheri began its operation on May 4th, 2011 after Mr. Taheri’s was arrested for a second time.

Mohammad Ali Taheri established spirituality based on awareness that he received over thirty years ago through connection with the consciousness that governs our existence. He spent the first two decades on clarifying, validating, and decoding different aspects of the awareness he had received, including the therapeutic and healing branches of Faradarmani and Psymentology, until he felt confident to introduce them to the public.

Despite the closed atmosphere in Iran, and the absence of advertisement his spirituality teachings grew rapidly because the content of his spiritual teachings, and the healing branches in particular could easily be tested and confirmed by all people. In 2007 his popularity created concern among government extremists and the security forces stopped his activities, but this caused the expansion of his teachings. Preventing him from teaching his classes were not enough for the security forces and after creating more barriers and publishing false statements in the media they finally arrested him in March 2010 and kept him in solitary confinement for 67 days.

He was finally released after coming to an agreement with interrogators of the Revolutionary Guards by promising them that he would not discuss his beliefs and that he would only pursue scientific research. But, the Revolutionary Guards secretly notified hospitals and clinics and blocked his proposals for research. Their strategy ultimately prevented scientific validation of Faradarmani, which unofficially had been successful in treating all types of illness (mind, body, and soul) addiction, family relations, social ills, and etc. The barriers set by the government led his students to introduce his scientific teachings to institutions outside Iran and their efforts earned him a number of prizes, diplomas, and honorary doctorates from scientific communities abroad. Mohammad Ali Taheri reached the height of his international popularity among scientific communities in the winter of 2010. The Iranian government could not stand such scientific attention and arrested him for a second time on May 4th, 2011, published some contradictory and false reports about his teachings, and presented a case to the clergy based on heresy and called for a death sentence. He endured most horrible conditions in cell 2-Alef at Evin prison and after months of hardship and torture he appeared at court on February 13, 2012, only to participate in an staged and fake hearing proceedings.

During the nine months of imprisonment he was psychologically tortured by being handed a death sentence and threats made to his family and his students, while he was prevented from having any contact with family and even his attorney. Under similar pressures his family members and his attorney were forced to cooperate with the security forces. After nine months of solitary confinement he finally realized the false statements and accusations presented by the interrogators and investigator of the case (Mr. Assadi) during the court proceedings. The fabricated accusations, such as touching a strange woman and interfering with medical treatments, traps laid out by the security forces, and Mr. Taheri not being allowed to have legal counsel to defend himself which ended in Mr. Taheri being sentences by Judge Pirabbassi, at the 26th branch of the Revolutionary Court, to 5 years in prison, 900 million Tomans in cash restitution, and 74 lashes. An appeals court later confirmed the verdict, and discarded written statements by Mr. Taheri and additional defense materials.

During his imprisonment, Taheri was never transferred to the public section of the Evin prison, but there were times (2-3 times) where they placed peculiar people who would serve the governments objectives in his cell for a short period of time.  The government was able to silence the Interuniversalism’s followers, who numbered over a million, by putting pressure on, and threatening the family and attorneys, creating chaos through those who had been placed within the organization, arrest of some of the followers, and publishing false news among the followers and students of Interuniversalism. Taheri’s followers, at the same time, conducted interviews with the media, organized campaigns and collected signatures to plea with the United Nations representatives, and arranged for demonstrations in United States, Canada, England, Germany, Australia, and Sweden to inform the world about his innocence. Through these efforts students of Mr. Taheri made contact with Mr. Ahmed Shaheed, special rapporteur at the United Nations who reports on human rights violations in Iran, participated in a conversation with him in United States and Canada were able to get Taheri’s name and his ideology, Interuniversalism, on the list of groups that are under the pressure of the by Iranian government in this annual report on March of 2014.

Mohammad Ali Taheri’s opposition, which operates as Spiritual Health Institute and is under the influence of the Revolutionary Guards, was able to bring attention to his case, which remained opened for three years, and requested a new verdict with based on heresy and demanded a lengthy prison term for him. They were able to move forward through creating an atmosphere of fear among the followers, with the financial backing of some of top clergies, and the support of the media. On April 10, 2014, the congress put more pressure on spiritual movements in Iran, and passed a legislation that classified a number of spiritual movements as cults related to satanic cults, which would ultimately allow the government to prosecute and convict the leaders and the followers of these groups for heresy.

Mohammad Ali Taheri’s letter, after being falsely accused and spending three years in solitary confinement, reached Shahnaz Niroomanesh in spring of 2014. One year prior to this, in spring of 2013, and while Mr. Taheri was under house arrest for six days, he had mentioned this letter during a phone conversation with Shahnaz Niroomanesh. In this letter, dated July 23rd, 2013, Taheri listed and explained about numbers of human rights violations, Judiciaries of abuse of power, and the mistreatment of the interrogators and others related to the legal process of his case and other innocent individuals. He then volunteered to testify in an international court against the authorities responsible for such vast violations of human rights in Iran.  Four months ago the spokesperson for International Taheri Campaign, Shahnaz Niroomanesh, publicly announced that in January of 2015 Mr. Taheri, who was under hunger strike at the time, was move to an undisclosed location, was tortured, and had died due to fatigue caused by the lengthy hunger strike. After this announcement by Shahnaz Niroomanesh some of Taheri’s students gathered outside the courthouse on the day that their spiritual teacher was supposed to make an appearance before the judge and demanded to see him to ensure he was still alive. But after some investigation they realized that the he was never scheduled for a hearing and the announcement was no more than a hoax. This led the followers and the students to become more concerned about his well-being and health.

In March 2015 in response to the followers question, “Where is Master Mohammad Ali Taheri?” the security forces published a fabricated and poorly edited footage of Taheri’s early days in prison along with third government assigned attorney, and attempted to convince the students that he was still alive. They also thought such deceptions would prevent future demonstrations and demands. After three months and the announcement of several court hearings, which also turned out to be false, those in charge of the case with the help of Alizadeh Tabatabaee, Taheri’s so called attorney, began a new scheme. This time they made an announcement in the media, such as BBC Farsi, that he was sentenced to death in order to cover up the news of his death and manipulate the public’s mind by this false statement. They were also able to make additional moves by controlling the activities of some loyal followers who were desperate to do whatever they could to free their master. This led to the formation of a new campaign called “Say No to Execution of Mohammad Ali Taheri.” At the same time, few hours after the publication of the verdict by Tasnim News the judiciary denied that the death sentence had been issued. During the same day Taheri’s attorney disputed the judiciary’s announcement, and once again confirmed the death sentence. All this took place a day after a website under the name of “Trail Will Take Place” went online. This website claimed that it was a supporter of Taheri and initially published an interesting biography of him to attract his supporters and then published fabricated confessions attributed to him. These confessions, regardless of their validity, were supposedly given during closed court sessions with only the judge and the interrogators present.

On June 5th, 2015 the “International Campaign against Execution” issued and statements about condition of Mohammad Ali Taheri, and wrote, “The Islamic Republic of Iran through a dangerous game has been trying to suppressed this movement entirely and despite objections, protests, and written letters continued to play the game. One day it says that Taheri has been sentenced to death, another day it says that this verdict has not been verified. One day it says that he would go to court, the next day they prevent one of his attorneys to defend him. One day it says that his fate is unknown, and the next day they sentence some of his followers to lengthy prison terms”. A group of his followers who insist on his death believe that the government is concealing his death while it publishes false statements and fabricated handwritings in order to change the direction of the spiritual movement that he sacrificed his life for. They also believe that the government has other objectives in mind, destroying the image of someone who bravely stood by his belief and refused to cooperate with a government that pretends to be holy and religious, and portraying him as someone who later refuted his own teachings and spirituality.