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Campaign Statement on December 3, 2014

Publicity Team December 3, 2014

According to the International Campaign for Freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri; professor Mohammad Ali Taheri, the prisoner of conscience who is a spiritual master, and a consciousness scientist illegitimately has been accused with financial, moral, and acting against national security by Islamic Republic of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Services “Sepah Pasdaran”, and imprisoned over three and a half years in solitary confinement in Evin prison division 2-A of the security forces and Iranian revolutionary guards. He has been detained and in toughest conditions since his imprisonment. Since October 26, 2014, he has been on hunger strike for the eleventh times in the past three and a half years. In the beginning he was on partial hunger strike, but later on he went on full hunger strike to protest against the opening of his court case about the corruption on earth accusation after four years.

Mohammad Ali Taheri’s severe physical weakness was caused by the long lasting and arduous interrogation while he was on hunger strikes. Also, he was transferred to the court house for several times, and while he was on hunger strikes for seventeen days, he was detained in the basement of the court house for hours. As a result of the physical tortures and increasing high tensions while he was on full hunger strike, his body severely weakened and he was unconscious, and transferred to prison’s clinic. Later he went into coma, and was taken to a hospital.

After Mohammad Ali Taheri was transferred to the hospital, deputy judiciary head Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi secretly visited him to make offers and negotiate with him. After the publication of this meeting through the most trusted media, this visit was quickly denied by the deputy judiciary head.

As the result of the news breakout about the hunger strike and weakening physical condition of Mr. Taheri; demonstration in front of Iran’s judiciary branch building and Evin prison were launched that led to the detention of several people, and arrestment of one person.

Students and followers of Mohammad Ali Taheri launched numerous protests and rallies in support of Mohammad Ali Taheri and other prisoners of consciences in other countries, including Canada, Germany, America, Britain, Malaysia, Norway, Turkey, Sweden, and Italy which drew attention of many Iranian and foreign media.

The International Campaign of Free Taheri was launched to support the freedom of professor Taheri since he was arrested in May, 2011, and conducted human rights activities in support of professor Taheri. The campaign was sponsored by student and human rights activists inside and outside Iran. After professor Taheri send a letter to the United Nations special Rapporteur on situation of human rights in Iran, the campaign preceded with documentation and detailed explanations about critical situation of Mr. Taheri which drew the attention of the international community to a considerable extent on the sensitivity of this important human rights violation. The outcomes of these conversations, includes the reports of Amnesty International, and International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran about the violation of human rights against professor Taheri which are available to the public. Also confidential letters sent to the Iran’s government and are being pursued at this moment.

After two months since the hiring of his third attorney, Taheri wasn’t able to meet with his recently hired attorney, and his attorney avoids talking about his client’s recent hunger strikes, and recent court summits.

According to informed sources from inside the prison, Taheri was denied to have a visit with his family; however, recent rumors were spread by his wife that his healthy, and not on any hunger strikes in order to imply silence between his followers and students to halt the international rallies and protests. Refers to paragraph three of the letter which was sent by Mr. Taheri to the United Nations human rights special Rapporteur, due to threats towards the spouse, the probability of accuracy of the news are not acceptable.

The news reached the prison suggests that the pressure created by the public, the media, and human rights activists in recent weeks has been effective in improving the conditions of Mr. Taheri. However, the full hunger strike isn’t completely broken, and the extreme physical weakness and weight loss are enduring. The order of his apostasy accusations was issued on September by the religious authorities, and he has been waiting for the official authorities to finalize the closure about his accusation of corruption on earth as was promised to him previously.

Also we have been informed that he has been committed to important subjects that we release further information in this regard as soon as our information finalized.

In recent days, the international community concerns about human rights issue was increased to resolve the political-economic relationship with Iran, followed by the Iranian government promise to accept the UN Special Rapporteur next year, created an optimistic hope that the hardliner’s judiciaries of Iran ease the violation of human rights. This campaign hopes for the release of all the innocent prisoners, including journalists, bloggers, religious converts, religious and ethnic minorities, and prisoners of consciences by Iranian regime. In our final statement, we remind the leader of Iran, head of judiciary, representative of legislation branch, Iranian revolutionary guards, and intelligence agency services that they are directly responsible for health and corrective response to the demands of professor Taheri who is an innocent spiritual master, and a consciousness scientist.

International public relations of international campaign for freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri

December 3, 2014