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Classified Document Disclosure: Mr. Taheri is transferred out of prison

Publicity Team February 26, 2015

According to this confidential official document from Mohammad Ali Taheri’s file that is being published by HALGHEH NEWS for the first time. Mr. Taheri with being convicted of CURROPTION ON EARTH on November 28th 2014 was taken by Iran’s MINISTRY OF INTELLIGENCE from the Evin Prison to an undisclosed location.

 According to the confidential document below, Mohammad Ali Taheri a prisoner of conscience, despite false claims of his stay in Evin Prison and the visit with his defense attorney were awaiting the courts review of his CURROPTION ON EARTH charge on February 25, 2015, which is unknown when, where and in which court and by which defense attorney the conviction was given. On Friday, November 28 2014, Mr. Taheri with an extreme weakness due to his hunger strike was handed to the Ministry of Intelligence and has been moved to an undisclosed location which after extensive investigations and despite claims and opinion of his family, friends, and attorney Mr. Taheri has not been returned to Evin Prison.

 Following publishing the report of transferring Mohammad Ali Taheri to an undisclosed location by the HALGHEH NEWS on January 21, 2015 the confidential document of his transfer out of prison which contains very important information was exclusively and for the very first time published by HALGHEH NEWS.

 With the support of the Iranian national security propaganda, falsely accused and charged, Mohammad Ali Taheri prisoner of conscience and the founder of ERFAN HALGHEH had been kept in solitary confinement since April 24, 2011. Against his family and attorney’s request, Mr. Taheri initiated a hunger strike to defend his very basic human rights. In his last series of hunger strike which was to voice his complaint against the open file and ambiguous charges of heresy and corruption on earth, he declared that he is determined to continue the strike until the full elimination of conscience charges, security propaganda, and the shutdown of his case for the false charges. After more than two months of continues strike in November of 2014, he came upon extreme health complications effecting heart and kidneys. Without any changes to his case and any attention to his requests, he was taken out of Evins prison and until now there has not been any news of his health nor his location. This is to a point that the head of the International Free Mohammad Ali Taheri Campaign has said “it is very difficult to say that Mr. Taheri is in existence”.

 According to this confidential security document Mohammad Ali Taheri on the date of November 28, 2014 to investigate the security charges was transferred from Evin Prison to the central office of the Ministry of intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This transfer took place under special security protocol due to the repeated security charges and the definite charge the CURROPTION ON EARTH despite Mr. Taheri’s extreme health complication due to the series of hunger strikes.

This document was approved and implemented by the Islamic Revolutionary court of Tehran with the signature of the Evin prison’s warden and a national security official. In addition to this classified document, three pages of extensive medical reports from the prison’s official physician which explained  Mr. Taheri’s critical health conditions and the basic medical care that was performed on him were attached and was provided to the Minister of Intelligence.