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Campaign letter to UN Special Rapporteur on May 16, 2015

Publicity Team May 16, 2015

Honorable Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran;

First of all, the International Campaign for Freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri, an Iranian scholar and founder of Interuniversalism, on behalf of more than twelve thousand students and human rights activist and petition signer (1) in support of Mohammad Ali Taheri around the world (1) would like to appreciate your attention to the situation of Interuniversaliscm’s followers in Iran as well as the name and description of the circumstances of Mr. Taheri in the March 2015 statement.

As head of the campaign, and in the continuation of the activities, previous correspondence and negotiations with you and your colleagues about this campaign(2), and delivering Mr. Tahei’s letter which was addressed to you from inside the prison(3). I had provided you with accurate and most recent documents and news about the situation of Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri in prison under strict solitary confinement, and pressure by the Iranian government to his followers inside and outside of Iran was presented to you by the campaign (4).

Also with continuous cooperation and activities with consultants, associates, and colleagues in the commissioner for human rights(5), I would like to represent you with very important and disturbing events that occurred in connection with the recent status of Master Mohammad Ali Taheri, along with related documents.

Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, based on the evidences and legitimate documents which was provided to this campaign, unfortunately Master Mohammad Ali Taheri has died sometime between December 2014 and January 2015 as the result of torture under hunger strike for months.(2) Interrogations while on hunger strike along with torture to obtain confession of being a spy, in one of the secret and private residential torture chambers of Interior Ministry of Intelegence and Security of Iran outside the Evin Prison between December 2014 and January 2015.

Since then, the Iranian government with the help of Intelligence and Security Forces has avoided the release of this news to escape from the domestic and international pressure which may be caused as the result of the death of a spiritual teacher, scholar and prisoner of conscience which coincidence with the Iran’s International nuclear talks, by misinforming the public and distortion of the truth to hide the loss of Mohammad Ali Taheri as the result of the hunger strike.

In this regard, after the death of Mr. Taheri the Iranian government has created false and fabricated events and scenarios to deceit the international community and public opinion about his existence and proving his guilt by reasons below:

  1. Publicizing Mr. Taheri’s case by his third attorney through the state media and social sources which are under the direct order of Iranian intelligence security forces (This attorney like the first two attorneys, for six months, has been providing fake advocacy while he is cooperating with revolutionary guards and Iranian government and individuals responsible for torturing him).
  1. Sudden support and online activities by Mr. Taheri’s family after 3.5 years of silence under the name of his elderly mother under a fake pretense to provide false news coverage such as the existence of Mr. Taheri to human rights organizations and the news media led by government agencies.
  1. The family’s attempt to stop the activities of human rights and media activities of this campaign by leveraging and using their legal rights as their family.
  1. Increasing pressure on students and instructors of Interuniversalism by issuing sentences against supporters and activists of Interuniversalism suddenly and rapidly in the past four months which said to be illegal by the independent lawyers and advocates.
  1. The sudden release of several news about the holding of unpublicized court hearing to investigate allegations of corruption on earth against Mr. Taheri while was confirmed by investigations of independent human rights activis In the past two months, Mr. Taheri was not present at any of these court hearings.
  1. Encouraging controlled rallies in support of Mr. Taheri by Intelligence Security Forces to reflect the news in international media as evidence that Mr. Taheri is alive while in the past four years they prevented any movement and rallies inside and outside Iran to support and defend Mr. Taheri.

Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, in the letter which was addressed to you by Mr. Taheri from inside the prison, and was delivered to you by the head of this campaign (6) on in paragraph 3 and 16 clearly was stated that his family is under extreme pressure to cooperate with the security forces. As was clearly expressed in paragraph 7 in all these years Mr. Taheri’s rights to have an independent lawyer and meet with his previous two lawyers freely, has been denied.

Dr. Shaheed please note that Mr. Taheri chose the much harder and riskier way by sending the letter which was addressed to you to the president and spokesperson of the campaign (Shahnaz Niroomanesh) in the United States, instead of his wife and family members such as his sister in Canada and so on without their knowledge and it clearly shows that he could not depend on his lawyer or family, because of extreme pressure by the government on them. His family has to cooperate with the forces of government.

We would expect you not to ignore this important matter easily, by accepting and approving the false reports of his family and lawyer which are endorse by government and the Revolutionary Guards of Iran, and intentionally to approve and disseminate the rumor of his existence, and misrepresent this important time in time. Master Taheri’s case is considered as an Ideological-Security case which is very complex because Mr. Taheri and his role at this period of history which may refer to as the spiritual revolution is very unique.

Due to important role of Master Taheri in this period of era, the Iranian regime customized a long run project to eliminate Mr. Taheri, by employing all its sources and powers through religious authorities, intelligence security forces and revolutionary guards to eliminate his teachings and prevent any major social and fundamental changes in the country by his students in the future, after his elimination. The Iranian regime is attempting to hide all the tortures and violation of human rights against this spiritual teacher during his imprisonment under the theocracy ruling government in Iran, as well as publishing false news in the name of his family and attorney to hide the truth about him and his ideology for future generations.

Over a year ago, three religious authorities sentenced Mohammad Ali Taheri (Refers to the letter which was provided to you) to execution by invalid charges such as apostasy and enemy against God. Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi was one of the three religious authorities who issue a Fatwa for Mr. Taheri. Following the publication of a Master Taheri’s letter to you on April 24th, 2014, the news was published about the issued Fatwa by religious authorities on July 8th, 2014 in Iranian media which determined the government plans for his execution. At that time, it became clear why Mr. Taheri sent you a letter by having the knowledge that pressure will increase on him intensively after sending a letter from inside the prison which may lower his chance of freedom. However, he sent you the letter, and sincerely requested you to deliver his voice and message to outside the Iran with best of your abilities.

After publication of his letter, Mr. Taheri’s wife who was under severe pressure to cooperate with Iranian regime was imprisoned for two weeks, and by increasing the pressures on her, she agreed to cooperate even more with the government to save her children’s life instead of her husbands’ life.

Despite the activities of this campaign for informing the media and human rights activists and societies which you have been informed resulted in an urgent action issued from Amnesty International (7), issuance letter from European Parliament to Iranian authorities (8), and issuance of an urgent appeal from United Nations high commissioner of human rights campaign

(9) and some other human rights campaigns about situation of Mr. Taheri. However the judicial authorities, and intelligence security forces ignored the critical situation and demand of Mr. Taheri’s to close his “corruption on earth” case, as well as, ignored the demands of International Assemblies to Iranian government to save Mr. Taheri’s life. Finally Master Taheri declared that until the termination of the charges, and accusation against him such as corruption on earth, he is going to have a continuous hunger strike (10).

Finally his perseverance of continuance hunger strike (eleven hunger strikes in 44 months of imprisonment) resulted him going to coma and transference to a hospital, and meanwhile the Iranian Attorney General, secretly visited him. The reason for his visit was to convince him to stop his hunger strike, and offered him a condition to close his corruption on earth file if he admit that his spiritual belief were satanic (11).

Master Taheri didn’t accept the offer of the Iranian attorney of general, and was transferred back to prison while he was suffering from digestive system and kidneys failure due to multiple hunger strikes which result a heart attached. Then he was transferred to an undisclosed location outside the Evin Prison where he never returned (12) on November 28th, 2014. Finally after approximately two months of continuous hunger strikes due to extreme physical condition, and torture to force submission of espionage he passed away in the begging of January, 2015.

After the uncovering by campaign about the repulsive events behind the scene of the Iranian regime (13), the Iranian government increased pressures on Taheri’s family with the help of  his  attorney  to  create  a  fake  court  hearing  without  his  appearance  and  publishing  the fabricated news in the media about his court hearing to create an atmosphere in society that he is alive and to issue him an illegitimate and unfair sentence and pretend to carry out the sentence (or to publish fake news about his suicide or sudden death which confirm by his lawyer and family such as before) to prevent themselves from being accused of murdering an innocent prisoner of conscience in the 21st century as a result of a hunger strike and torture.

Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, unfortunately your reference in the annex to the report on March 2015 to his imprisonment in Evin Prison in Iran and his trials (quoted by his lawyer) is a confirmation of false news and exploited the Iranian government to cover up the truth about him as a spiritual and genius scientist.

I “ Shahnaz Niroomanesh”, as a student of Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri, and the head of the International Campaign for Freedom of Mohammad Ali Taheri which after the above incident will act as the Campaign for Justice and Avenge of Master Taheri, and on behalf of the thousands of his students, as well as, the recipient of the letter which was sent to you by him which is an important document about the violations of human rights for all prisoners, especially prisoners of conscience in prisons of medieval Iranian regime’s in the 21st century. I sincerely request you as always, follow up with this important matter professionally and assist us to uncover the truths about the loss of Mr. Taheri before it gets too late to prevent it from becoming a misrepresentation history. While we did not succeed in saving his innocent life, at least we can prevent his innocent blood to be trampled.

I greatly appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you.



Shahnaz Niroomanesh

Founder and Spokesperson of Free Taheri Campaign