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Campaign Statement on January 12, 2016

admin May 4, 2016

Today, we have gathered to honor the first memorial of Mohammad Ali Taheri, and show our respect to the life he lost for his teachings and ideology. We remind ourselves that we would not allow his legacy to be ignored. Every single person who caused his martyrdom, along with those who hide/deny his death will be held accountable in history.

Last January (2015), Mohammad Ali Taheri the founder of Interuniversalism (Faradarmani & Psymentology) was tortured to death after 44 months of imprisonment and while on the 12th hunger strike in an undisclosed location.

He was under torture to deny his doctrine, and was forced to admit that all his revelations and inspirations were Satanic. All the tortures and abuses to him were commanded by the supreme leader of Iran (Ali Khamenei), and several other religious authorities. He never submitted to their request to deny the truth, and chose to be martyred to save his doctrine for the mankind.

The news of his death was first revealed by Ms. Shahnaz Niroomanesh (Head of the International Taheri Campaign) on January, 15th 2015, and was officially announced on February 19th 2015.

Confronting unexpected martyrdom of Mohammad Ali Taheri, Iranian government failed to cover up their crime against him. The Iranian government attempted to create forged and contradictory news about Master Taheri. Example of such fabricated news are publishing news about his court trials, issuing previous manipulated defense statements on his behalf, creating fake news about his 13th hunger strike which was said that he ended it after 70 days, and finally issuing his death sentence and revoking it. Also the Iranian government published unreliable news in foreign and domestic media such as BBC Persian and Fars News. The main purpose of publishing and releasing those fabricated news was to convince human rights organization/activists, as well as Master Taheri’s followers that he is still alive. Despite their tremendous hustle and effort to create fake news, they failed to cover up his death as the result of torture earlier in 2015.

During the four years of Mr. Taheri’s captivity, Iranian government succeeded to deceit and control Erfan Halgheh community to a certain extent by increasing pressure to his family, students and some of those close to him. As a result, some of them cooperated with Iranian government to support publication of fabricated news about his health and his prosecution.

Iranian government gained advantage by assigning government-backed/dependent attorneys to facilitate public acceptance about their fake news.

As the result of their immoral activities, they were able to prevent the cooperation of his followers with the International Taheri Campaign and human rights organizations which resulted in his death.

In the last year, the Iranian government denied  Mr.Taheri’s death to exonerate the Iranian regime, the judiciary branch, intelligence services and religious authorities (Several religious authorities issued a Corruption on Earth Fatwa) crime against Master Taheri.

At the same time, we as a group of his students were asking this question: “Where is Mohammad Ali Taheri?” to uncover the lie of the Iranian government, and to spread the truth of his death to the world. However Iranian government took the advantage of the government-backed attorneys, Taheri’s family cooperation, and spending tremendous amount of money to publish the fabricated and contradictory news in domestic and international media.

The Iranian government benefited from their representatives and lobbyists to mislead human rights organizations, Amnesty International, US Department of State and the United Nations to publish fake news and statements about Mr. Taheri and his made up trials. The Iranian government mission was to succeed the following items:

  • By bringing individuals from Taheri’s family behind his elderly mother’s charisma, Iranian government succeeded to a certain extent to publish fake and untrue news in media.
  • In the news media, the Iranian government was succeeded to boycott the followers who were uncovering the truth about the loss of their teacher. Also they publicized a slogan “No to Taheri Execution” to defeat and undermine “Where is Taheri?” Slogan. It’s worth to mention that the slogan of “No to Taheri Execution” was created few months after his death in order to hijack and drawback media attention from the group which demands seeing Mr. Taheri.

Those who caused Mr. Taheri’s death were able to manipulate the public media and organizations to create this historic lie. As the result of these manipulations the Iranian government succeeded to collaborate with some human rights activists inside and outside Iran.

Unfortunately, such human rights organizations without any proof and based on the quotations of attorneys and family members cooperated in publishing unreal news about the fake trial court dates and continuance of his factious seventy days hunger strike. Also, such organizations honored the news that Taheri’s execution order was revoked after eleven months from his death; and ignored his death due to torture.

The effort of Iranian government was to cover up the truth about martyrdom of this great teacher who was the savior for this transitionary era. The Iranian government effort was to forge the history of this horrific crime in terms of time, place and condition.

Finally, we are speaking to you the wife, sister, family members of Mr. Taheri, and also few other members and followers of our community that were deceived and manipulated by Iranian government in the past, because of your fears and lack of knowledge to cooperate with them! In the past four years, you have spread the fabricated news and encourage Erfan Halgheh community to silence, and you have lost the time to free Master Taheri which resulted in his death. Also in the last year, you have pretended that he is still alive. In addition you have been cooperating with Iranian government who is responsible for the death of your husband, brother, child, and teacher.

Hereby we invite you to use your last chance to come toward the path of trueness, and tell the truth about Mohammad Ali Taheri’s martyrdom; this may be your final chance to compensate part of your mistakes to prevent a permanent record of being an accomplice to this huge historical infidelity. Also we invite all attorneys, human rights activists, media correspondents, writers and followers of truth to cooperate with this campaign to resist the historical deceptions and lies created by the theocracy government of Iran about Master Taheri’s death.

It’s very important to remember “if the death of Mohammad Ali Taheri under torture was not such an important incident, the Iranian government would not spend so much effort to cover up his death.”

Hereby we invite all those who deny Master Taheri’s death, as well as his murderers who are now trying to kill Master Taheri’s teaching and doctrine, to a fair international trial.

We do so to bring the scandal documents of this great teacher’s murders to the humanity, history and the future generations. You, the murders of Mohammad Ali Taheri will never be able to show him to his follower which is also another historical document of your scandal.

“Every thought which flows in this world is like a sprout which has plenty of seeds in the soil. The glory of awareness is like a grain field which will be visible to all human being soon.”